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Famous Sight

Liquor Made of High Land Barley

Tourist Area of the Sources of Three Rivers (Changjiang, Huanghe and Lancangjiang River)

This area mainly refers to the South Qinghai Plateau. It includes Guoluo Prefecture, Yushu Prefecture, south part of Huangnan and Hainan Prefecture, and Tanggula Mountain County in Golmud. The area is more than half of the whole province with the elevation above 4200 meters. There are East Kunlun Mountains, and its branch ranges Buerhanbuda, Kekexili, Bayankela, Anyemaqen and Tanggula Mountain with the elevation almost above 6000 meters. There are wide grasslands between mountains. It has long been known as "the sources of rivers" because of the great density of the network of waterways. Lakes spread all over the area. There are few people in most of the area. Even there are no people in some area. So the natural features of primitiveness and purety are retained. It is the paradise of plateau wild animals. There are many valuable and rare wild animals and valuable ingredients of traditional Chinese medicines. Tibetans are the major residents in the area with the population more than 70 percent of total in the area.

Fantastic and Mysterious Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake is a beautiful inland lake in China and even from the ancient times people have been carried away by its vastness and mystery, marveled at its grandness and prettiness. Therefore, it has been renowned for being a splendid pearl on Qinghai Plateau.

Qinghai Lake lies in the northeast of Qinghai Plateau being surrounded by grand mountain chains and is about 200 km away from Xining. Its water capacity is 854.5 billion m³ to be boasted to be the largest lake in China and Qinghai is named after the Qinghai Lake. There are more or less 30 streams with the different sizes running through the lake area. The amazing thing is that there are two branch lakes in the east part of the Qinghai Lake with one being called Little Lake of more than 10 km² in area and it is salty. The other one is called Ear Lake of 4 km² in area and it's fresh water. There are five small islands over there and namely they include the Egg-shaped Island, West Lake Shell, Central Lake Hill, Sandy Island and Three- Piece- Stone Island as well and they just look like 5 drifting boats on the lake with their unique characteristics.

Fantastic and Mysterious Qinghai Lake
Kekexili State Natural Protection Area

Kekexili State Natural Protection Area

Kekexili State Natural Protection Area is situated at the northwest of Yushu Prefecture, the north side of the area is Bokaleiketa Mt, (the trunk of east Kunlun Mt,) the south side of the area is Tanggulashan Mt. It is near to Tibet in the west, the east side is Qinghai Tibet Highway. The total area is 45 thousands square kilometers. Kekexili & Zhuerken Wulashan Mts cross the area. It is cold & windy here. There are some unique rare animals only inhabited in China, 11 kinds of  rare animals & 7 kinds of rare birds, the animals of state grade a protection are wild yak, Tibetan wild donkey, white lip deer, snow leopard, Tibetan antelope, gold eagle etc., the animals of grade B protection are argali, brown bear, Tibetan antelope, lynx, desert cat, Tibetan snow cock, red owl etc., at the same time, there are a lot of the animals of Qinghai protection in the area, it is the largest protection area of wild animals in China. It is called the natural paradise of wild animals in the plateau (kingdom of wild animals).

Tongren - The Home of Regong Buddhism Arts

Tongren is named Regong in Tibetan. In the 15-16 century, the Tibetan Buddhism of Gelukpa Sect (Yellow Sect) came into Tongren area. Painting, sculptures and stone inscription for Buddhism are sprang up by Tibetan and Tu people near the Longwu River at Regong along with the rise of lamaism and the construction of lamaseries. It is called Regong Buddhist Art. In the middle of the 17th century, it has already become the village where everyone could paint, and every family was engaged in art. The art mainly includes colored paintings, colored sculptures, designs, yak butter sculptures, embossed embroideries, brick sculptures, stone inscription, wood inscription and decorations in architecture. Among these, paintings, sculptures and designs are most famous.Regong Art is one of the most important sects in the fields of Tibetan Buddhist arts. Many articles were exhibited and collected at abroad. Some were published in public. Longwu Monastery, Wutun Shang Monastery, Wutun Xia Monastery, Nianduhu Monastery, Guomari Monastery and Buddhist pagodas in Regong can be regarded as the museums of Regong Buddhist Art.

Tongren - The Home of Regong Buddhism Arts
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